Month: May 2018

Lawyer Can’t Concede Guilt When Client Claims Innocence

Lawyers have to listen to their customers, especially when it comes to pleading guilty. That is basically what the U.S. Supreme Court stated in State of Louisiana v. McCoy. In that triple-murder situation, Robert McCoy told his lawyer he didn’t take action. His attorney chose another plan , nevertheless, and McCoy wound up on death […]

State Attorney General Appeals Ruling Against Assisted-Suicide

California’s attorney general is appealing a court decision which struck down the state’s assisted-suicide law. Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed the appeal following a Riverside judge ruled the law was unconstitutional. Judge Daniel Ottolia stated legislators wrongly handed the law at a special session devoted to healthcare. The legislation, also referred to as the”right-to-die,” was […]

Chicago, You Have a Problem With Bankruptcy Lawyers

Everybody knows that lawyers never lose — even in cases they lose — since they get paid. Obviously, that’s a generalization because every lawyer knows that clients also stiff them. There’s another difficulty in Chicago’s bankruptcy court, however. At the Northern District of Illinois, lawyer’s fees routinely happen to be paid first among lenders throughout […]

IBM Under Scrutiny for Age Bias in Layoffs

IBM, one of the largest employers in the planet, is paying closer attention to its own layoffs these days. With more than 380,000 workers globally, it was a touchy issue when the company announced 10,000 layoffs in January. While the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is looking into IBM’s numbers, company lawyers might want to […]

Federal Judge Says Trump Can’t Block Twitter Users

Few people, let alone presidents, use Twitter quite like Donald Trump. And now that he is president, Trump’s Twitter use has a way of ruffling a few (ahem) feathers. His account can also be a lightning rod for some unsavory or unwelcome tweets. While the rest of us on Twitter would just block other users […]

T.I. Arrested Trying to Enter His Own Gated Community

Don’t you hate it when you lose your keys and the security guard won’t let you into your own gated community? Ok, most of us probably don’t get to deal with the security guard part, but regardless, when it’s 4:30 in the morning, all you want to do is go to bed after a night […]

What Happens If Sentences Are Ruled Unconstitutional?

The fascinating thing about law is that it’s always changing. Whether legislators make new ones or the judiciary describes or invalidates present ones, which was valid yesterday might not be legal tomorrow. This is certainly true in the domain of criminal procedure and criminal justice, where prosecutors, law enforcement, defense lawyers, and civil rights activists […]

Car Insurance Scams – Fake Car Accident Claims

Getting in a car crash is bad enough. You’ve got to manage insurance companies, car repairs, and at times even accidents and medical bills. However, what if your automobile accident was really part of a car insurance scam? Even when you’re not involved with the crash, you are probably still paying the cost of car […]