Car Insurance Scams – Fake Car Accident Claims

Getting in a car crash is bad enough. You’ve got to manage insurance companies, car repairs, and at times even accidents and medical bills. However, what if your automobile accident was really part of a car insurance scam?

car insurance claims

Even when you’re not involved with the crash, you are probably still paying the cost of car insurance scams in the shape of higher premiums as firms pass the cost on to customers. Following are a few common types of the kind of fraud and how it is possible to prevent them.

Possibly the simplest and most frequent car insurance scam is your pressured rear-ending. Because most authorities and car insurance businesses think about the back driver automatically to blame for a rear-end collision, scammers will slam on their brakes or cut in front of somebody to induce an crash. They might even assert to be hurt so you and your insurance company need to cover the house and injury claims. To prevent this, be conscious of traffic before you and always drive at a safe space, allowing lots of distance in front of your vehicle. Yes, even though this implies other automobiles will jump before you sometimes. It is not worth the hassle of an”accident”

Sometimes scammers will get mindful of your injury by means of a tow truck driver or mechanic, and will call or appear in the spectacle pretending to give help with your claim. They may consult with a lawyer or present as a consultant or insurance officer. They attempt to get one to utilize a particular clinic, mechanic, or attorney in an effort to receive your insurance information in order that they can file and gather false claims with your own carrier.

While lots of folks suffer actual injuries from apparently minor injuries, scammers will frequently claim bogus injuries and may also document claims for individuals who were not even at the automobile in the time of their crash. Following an crash, pay attention to how others are behaving – if they are moving around without criticism, and the area of the harm. Also take photographs of the harm and notice how many men and women are involved. Request another driver to admit the amount of passengers they have in addition to their titles.

Insurance businesses pay millions of dollars for false claims, and these prices get passed to the customer . And if you are the pawn of a car insurance scam, then you are going to get hit with high premiums, legal hassles, and sometimes your personal injuries. If you feel you’ve been the victim of a car insurance scam, contact a lawyer with experience fighting this kind of fraud.